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Why is it important to learn English?

13th May 21

By learning English, you equip yourself with skills that surpass simple communications. Instead, you’ll understand the science behind the written and spoken word. From the way they sound to their structure, construction, rules of order and combination. You’ll also gain an appreciation for how language and society has evolved over time.

Those who study the history of the English language gain insight into the challenges, fears and aspirations of previous eras. As studying its origins allows you to see the unique way in which it has been developed.

You learn how a conglomeration of words from other languages have made it what it is today. As well as what influences have shaped it through the years.

Ultimately, studying English teaches you the power and practical importance of precise communication in an ever-interconnected world. Changing the way you view it forever.

From becoming an active reader to questioning text and listening to the underlying narrative. There are so many important things you’ll learn through English studies.

learndirect - Why is it important to learn English?

Understand Society and the Changing Norm

Literature provides an outlet for authors to express and explore their thoughts, feelings and their views on society. Which can be especially insightful when you look at literature written over time.

Authors over the years have used literature to process, detail and deal with what was going on around them. So their works provides insight into the author’s sociopolitical views and some of the challenges faced by society that may not get covered in the history books.

Showing you the ways people behaved in line with changing cultural norms and how they were a product of that time. Which helps you understand that stage of cultural normalisation, why it occurred, evolved and how to learn from it.

From changes in Britain’s industrialisation, public health and imperialism to the impact of World Wars, studying English will give you a greater appreciation of our culture and the life lessons of times gone by.

learndirect - Why is it important to learn English?

Become an Effective Communicator

Without good communication skills, people would fail to function and operate as effectively in most aspects of their lives. Think of how world leaders, politicians and businesses use language to evoke feelings, sway opinions and encourage action. Their words wouldn’t have such power and meaning if they didn’t understand the deeper layers of the English language.

The ability to communicate is what many employers look for most in candidates. And that encompasses oral, written, interpersonal and teamworking skills. So, choosing to study English is a great way to set yourself up for success.

From communicating complex information, ideas and arguments effectively to using styles of language appropriate for different subjects, purposes and audiences. As well as finding, critically evaluating and using information and data correctly in complex contexts. You’ll develop a host of skills that will prove your prowess.

We may communicate through more digital means, but the underlying principles of the English language remain the same. Whether you’re crafting an email to management, delivering a presentation or pitching to a client over a video call. It’s important to learn English to be able to listen and express your thoughts effectively, whether verbally or in writing.

Being an effective communicator saves time and keeps everyone involved on the same page, which results in fewer mistakes. A skill which is increasingly valued in an information and knowledge-based economy.

learndirect - Why is it important to learn English?

Learn to Read Between the Lines

Oftentimes, what people say and mean are two separate things. Deciphering true meaning is an exceptional skill, but it’s difficult unless you know how. This is known in language and literature as subtext, and it’s the underlying theme behind what was said or written.

You can use it in numerous ways to add depth and complexity to a story. In many cases, it’s how writers imply controversial subjects and remain safe from any backlash. But when used effectively, subtext elevates boring and obvious dialog or text and makes it creative, dynamic and suspenseful. Engaging the reader or listener and making them feel they’re at an advantage by knowing something others don’t.

Through English studies, you’d learn to see past the written text and understand the deeper meaning behind those words. Identifying what the author wants you to discover and the information existing in the space between facts. Plus, how much of that information is key to the overall story.

You could benefit greatly from having this skill to hand in everyday life. Many aspects of business rely on individuals who can deconstruct information. Not to mention how much it would improve your personal awareness.

A shrewd eye for detail would help you decipher the meaning of many types of communications. Exposing biases, values and the real points of view that have been intentionally or unintentionally included. Opening your eyes to the realities and avoiding disingenuous situations. Proving useful in instances of negotiating contract terms, identifying misleading information, establishing topical facts from multiple sources and more.

learndirect - Why is it important to learn English?

Study English Online

English is a living, breathing language that continually adapts and changes as society evolves. Your decision to learn English will make you question and analyse different types of communication to discover their deeper meaning.

You’ll become wise to the hidden constructs forming our conversations, providing us with information and influencing our decisions. Exploring text critical theories and developing your knowledge to a level that you’ll begin to form your own. Taking what you’ve learnt into further studies or putting it to use in the workplace.

You can get a detailed introduction to both language and literature through an online Access to Higher Education Diploma (English Studies). From which, you can continue to study English in related degrees at university. This is because Access to HE Diplomas are a Level 3 qualification, equivalent to A Level study.

With English qualifications at Level 3, you could pursue careers and higher-level study in fields like History, Marketing, Journalism or Public Relations. Potentially leading you into a host of dynamic roles that involve content writing, editing or teaching.  

Take your passion for language and literature further with an online course. So you can study comfortably from home, around your existing schedule.

learndirect is the leading UK distance learning provider. With numerous English courses that enable you to explore your interests.

Find out more about what our Access to Higher Education Diploma (English Studies) can lead to by clicking below.

learndirect - study our online Access to HE Diploma (English Studies)


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