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What Does a Business Mentor Do?

23rd December 20

Business mentors take many forms. They can help business professionals take charge of their careers or guide business owners to make prosperous business decisions. Allowing both to achieve greater success and fulfilment in their business lives, by setting smart goals and taking action.

In either form, they motivate business professionals to want and achieve higher levels of performance. Acting as a partner in the process and reflecting on their experience to help you make fewer mistakes.

The business mentoring relationship has proven to be a highly effective form of support for business leaders and professionals. Giving individuals a fresh insight into their problems and decisions. All through open, impartial discussions and feedback within a trusted and confidential relationship.

A business mentor supports mentees in business growth or their career, as well as enhancing their personal development. However, the mentee's success is determined by the actions they take.

learndirect - What Does a Business Mentor Do?

The Role of a Business Mentor

Business mentors help mentees develop expertise, knowledge and skills that will help them reach their goals. Using their hindsight to provide foresight for mentees, so they can efficiently improve their self and business performance.

Mentors provide advice, counsel, corporate cultural know-how, personal support and encouragement. Their sole interest is to facilitate the career or business development of the mentee.

The business mentoring process is designed to activate the skills of the mentee within their current role. Helping them get prepared for the next step. With mentors encouraging mentees to take action and make changes by providing a confidential sounding board and thinking space. Where mentees can comfortably work through crucial and often complex decisions in a safe environment.

While business mentors provide the initial structure, it is actually the mentee who takes charge of the business mentoring relationship.

Owning and taking responsibility for their career and progression is an important principle of the mentee’s development. Mentees must be proactive, taking the initiative and setting the pace. They’ll agree this with the mentor, but mentees should define the agenda, set objectives and follow through on agreed actions.

The mentor will listen, coach, give feedback and where required, push the mentee to make quicker or further progress. They adjust tact as the relationship develops, to suit the needs of the issues they address at the time.

Ultimately the aim is for the mentee to develop to a point they can close the business mentoring relationship. As they become more confident and experienced, they will take the lead and depend on the mentor less and less.

learndirect - the role of a business mentor

Benefits of Having a Business Mentor

A business mentor can help you achieve business growth and personal success. They are focussed on you and your needs which can help you achieve targeted results in line with your goals. There are many benefits to using the services of a business mentor, such as:

Seeing the bigger picture

It’s often hard to see something for what it is when you’re too close to it. A business mentor helps you step back and see the bigger picture of your business or career. They’ll encourage you to view it from alternative angles and perspectives. While helping you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you might have missed.

Guidance and insight during growth

A growing business or step up on the career ladder brings with it new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Whether is managing staff or entering new markets, a mentor can offer guidance and insight. They can walk you through this growth phase by reflecting on their own experiences and sharing best practices. Pointing out potential pitfalls and helping you become more confident in your decisions and actions.

A safe space to discuss ideas and problems

A mentor’s purpose is to stimulate and challenge your thinking while listening intently to your ideas and explanations. Through this, they encourage you to formulate your own ideas and solutions to problems and challenges. Coming to a well-informed decision at a faster rate than you would alone.  

Long-term this should help improve the speed at which you make decisions and your overall confidence in making them.   

learndirect - benefits of having a business mentor

Held accountable for your actions

Your business mentor won’t fix your problems for you. It’s on you to put the advice and guidance into actionable objectives. Only you can perform the actions to make positive changes to your career or business.

Your business mentor will help you set these goals and objectives. They’ll also help you celebrate milestones when you achieve them. But they will be on your case if you haven’t and want an explanation as to why. By keeping tabs on your progress, they make sure you’re doing what you said you would to implement change.

Stay focused

Business is a dynamic and fast-paced field, so it can often be easy to get side-tracked and lose focus. Your mentor helps you stay on track and moving towards your goals.

Continually challenged

People can become complacent in their career, or let their businesses become stagnant. Business mentors constantly push and challenge you to think bigger and better. They’ll encourage you to go the extra mile to better yourself and reap the rewards. You will be continually motivated to do more and do it better.

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A business mentor has no other agenda besides your own success. They will give you unbiased, dedicated support, so you can grow and develop as a business professional.

If you’re reading this while considering a role as a business mentor, you can start your journey online with learndirect.

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