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Teacher Inspires ‘STEM Revolution’ Through Kit Cars

4th November 22

A Teacher who was raised around mechanical engineering took recovery from Lupus disease as a sign to follow her passions and inspire the next generation to get involved in the STEM arena.

Hannah Osueke’s father was a Chief Engineer who involved her in his mechanical projects as a child. After opting for another career path and deciding to study law at university, Hannah found herself in intensive care with Lupus disease. In her recovery, she felt inspired to follow her lifelong passion and get others hooked on the idea of a STEM career.

Fast forward a few years, and Hannah works as a trained Teacher at King Edward Primary School in North Shields. Her passion for science impressed the Head Teacher so much that she was made a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) Leader, and began hosting science fairs and encouraging pupils to get excited by the prospect of working in STEM jobs from a young age.

It was during a regional drive showcasing engineering in the North East of England that Hannah became involved with IMechE members in the region. At the time this was in preparation for the 2018 Great Exhibition of the North, which got more schools involved with the Greenpower Education Trust Goblin electric car challenge.

This required children to design the car, select the materials, and learn about each component prior to building it. After this, teams from each school competed in a race to see which electric car came out on top.


Now, Hannah leads this project at the school independently, which has resulted in the King Edward Primary School becoming a focus project for IMechE STEM efforts in the North East. Not only that but they have received sponsorship from the Reece Foundation, so they could have an additional Goblin car kit to get more children involved.

As quoted on, Hannah said: “STEM projects like Greenpower Goblin, that involve actually designing and making something that works has a great impact and fosters a love for STEM”.

On receiving the funding for the additional car, she added: “We can run two projects each year with the cars and involve twice as many children”.

Hannah has since become a fellow of the Primary Science Teaching Trust and received a National Science Teacher of the Year Award. She also hosts CPD sessions for other Science Teachers, in addition to developing online teaching resources.

The school has also since achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark Gold in 2017 and the Outreach Award in 2021.

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