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Should I take GCSE Economics?

29th October 20

GCSE Economics will develop your understanding of how the world works from local businesses to global corporations. You’ll learn about the impact global markets have on us as a society and what the consequences of their behaviours are.

Studying GCSE Economics allows you to explore this fascinating and practical subject in greater depth and build foundational knowledge.

You’ll gain a solid base of understanding to build upon through further education such as A Levels or higher. As well giving yourself a better chance at securing better paying jobs.

Studies suggest that those with GCSE qualifications tend to earn more over time than those without.

GCSEs are a nationally recognised qualification in the UK that are taken by students between the ages of 14 – 16 years old. Because of this, employers across the UK recognise these qualifications and are aware of the benefits they bring.

Whatever stage you’re at in life it’s never too late to earn these valuable qualifications.

What you’ll learn

LD - Should I take GCSE Economics - What you'll Study

Economics is the study of how society can manage all aspects of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Each module will develop your critical thinking and analytical skills by challenging your understanding of key principles.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain knowledge of economic issues and how markets and economies work. 

GCSE Economics will teach you about how global markets work and the effects they have on our economy. You’ll look at how external factors can impact growth, interest rates and inflation. 

You’ll learn about the different factors that build global economies and the destabilising elements that can bring them down. 

Each module will help you build your knowledge of modern-day economics. Units you’ll cover include:

  • Introduction to Business & Economics
  • Economic foundations
  • Resource allocation
  • How prices are determined
  • Production, costs, revenue and profit
  • Competitive and concentrated markets 
  • Market failure 
  • Introduction to the national economy
  • Government objectives
  • How the government manages the economy
  • International trade and the global economy
  • The role of money and financial market

When you complete your economics GCSE you will have a solid understanding of how competitive markets work, market failures and the impact of government policy. You’ll have the confidence and understanding to pursue economics further should you choose to.

Even if further education isn’t your aim, you’ll have a nationally recognised qualification on your CV. Employers value GCSE qualifications and will be aware of the level of knowledge you have attained on the subject. 

Why study GCSE Economics?

LD - Should I take GCSE Economics - why study GCSE Economics

Studying GCSE economics will give you an awareness of how modern-day society works. You will develop a greater understanding of how businesses function and what roles we play in affecting the economy. 

GCSE economics will give you a greater appreciation of the world around you and the desire to learn more at A Level and beyond.

You will be able to recognise and apply theories to specific economic challenges and apply independent thinking to determine an alternative outcome.

Studying GCSE Economics will allow you to develop key skills for the future.

Taking your learning further by studying A Level Economics and going on to university could lead you to various fulfilling professions: 

  • Actuarial analyst
  • Chartered accountant
  • Compliance officer
  • Data analyst
  • Economist
  • External auditor
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Investment analyst
  • Political risk analyst
  • Risk manager
  • Statistician
  • Stockbroker

Although GCSE Economics alone is not enough to get into these professions it can certainly be a step in the right direction. 

These job roles are directly linked to completing an Economics degree. Studying economics at higher education can also be useful for many jobs in the business sector. Whether that’s finance, production or marketing you’ll be able to transfer your skills and knowledge to your role. 

Studying your GCSE Economics online

GCSEs must be regulated by Ofqual, no matter who provides the course. This means that online course providers offer the same exact qualification as their bricks and mortar counterpart. 

So, you can be confident in knowing that when you pass, you’ll be receiving an accredited qualification. One that will support your application to higher education and job opportunities alike. 

Therefore, you’re able to get back into education right away as there is no need to wait for term time to start. You can enrol online and begin learning whenever suits you best.

You won’t have the logistical nightmare of trying to rearrange shifts or find childcare. You’re able to plan around your other commitments and engage with your learning when the time is right.

Because you’re studying from the comfort of your own home at an ideal time for you, you’re able to relax. You can enjoy your learning whilst you work towards your qualification.

You can even set the pace in which you work. Whether you blitz through it all in 6 months or take up to two-years. It’s completely up to you.

Just keep in mind that you will need to take an exam to complete your GCSE qualification. GCSE exams start in May so give yourself enough time to revise so you’re ready to demonstrate your knowledge. 


Whatever your plans are for the future, studying GCSEs is a good start. They are a nationally recognised qualification that will allow you to work towards university via studying A Levels or an Access to HE Diploma.

At learndirect, we have a broad range of online GCSEs to choose from. learndirect are one of the UK’s leading online course providers, we have flexible payment options and expert tutors to guide you. 

To learn more on how to prepare for your online learning journey visit our blog here.

If you’re ready to get back into education get in touch or enrol online today.

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