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NHS Nurse Uniform Colour Codes

2nd March 23

One of the first things people think of when they consider entering the nursing profession is what to wear as a Nurse. Each role under the healthcare umbrella has a different uniform, and for those of you interested in the industry, it’s time to get to grips with the NHS Nurse uniform colour codes.

What Colour Scrubs for Nurses?

Below, we have identified what to wear as a Nurse depending on the specific role. If you’re considering pursuing this career path, then it’s important to be aware of the NHS Nurse uniform colour codes. We have also highlighted roles within the healthcare structure that you may be interested in.

nurse uniform illustrations matronMatron

Uniform colours:

  • Navy with red trim

A Matron’s main responsibility is running a department or group of wards in hospitals and clinics, overseeing Nurses, and making sure that patients receive a high level of care. As part of their role, they also need to ensure that their facility is clean and adheres to infection control measures.

nurse uniform illustrations senior sisterSenior Sister

Uniform colours:

  • Navy with white piping

Senior Sisters play a pivotal role in ensuring that staff are communicating clearly with patients and that all healthcare services under their remit are delivered to the highest quality of nursing standards. They lead teams and are responsible for overseeing the function of individual wards and units.

nurse uniform illustrations sisterSister

Uniform colours:

  • Navy with white piping

Ensuring safe practice and a positive experience for the patient are key responsibilities of a Sister. They also need to demonstrate strong management and leadership skills, while also supporting the nursing and midwifery team on the ward.

nurse uniform illustrations nurseNurse

Uniform colours:

  • Light blue with white piping

The main bulk of professionals that make up the nursing sector are registered Nurses, who have a host of responsibilities. Their general role is to provide care and treatment directly to patients, monitoring their health and adhering to the treatment plan set out by Doctors. A registered Nurse needs to possess a blend of personable and professional qualities to help support patients throughout their treatment and care.

nurse uniform illustrations specialist nurseSpecialist Nurse

Uniform colours:

  • Light blue with navy piping

A Specialist Nurse will care for patients that have a particular condition that they are living with long-term, such as cancer or dementia. They are experts in the area of nursing, providing a high level of care to those who need it.

nurse uniform illustrations assistant practitionerAssistant Practitioner

Uniform colours:

  • Pale blue with white trim

For healthcare professionals to provide the optimum care to patients, they require support from staff. Assistant Practitioners have a range of skills and experience within areas of clinical practice and they provide support to a range of professionals, such as Nurses.

nurse uniform illustrations healthcare assistantHealthcare Assistant

Uniform colours:

  • Green with white trim

The main priority of Healthcare Assistants is to make the patient experience as easy as possible. There is a range of responsibilities, from monitoring conditions to serving meals to patients.

nurse uniform illustrations ward clerkWard Clerk

Uniform colours:

  • Patterned blouse

The administration of patients and visitors is the core function of Ward Clerks, who carry out their duties across various hospital departments and healthcare clinics. The responsibilities are diverse, and they include updating confidential patient data and ensuring healthcare professionals have access to medical records.

nurse uniform illustrations housekeepingHousekeeping

Uniform colours:

  • Burgundy shirt

For hospitals and clinics to keep ticking along, Housekeepers are needed to maintain crucial services, such as catering, supplies, cleaning, and equipment. During their shifts, they will interact regularly with patients and reassure them when necessary.

nurse uniform illustrations pharmacistPharmacist

Uniform colours:

  • Own clothing, or a polo shirt with the embroidered Trust logo

Pharmacists specialise in over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions. They advise on prescription drugs to patients, GPs, Nurses, and the general public.

nurse uniform illustrations pharmacy technicianPharmacy Technician

Uniform colours:

  • Black polo shirts

A Pharmacy Technician will likely provide prescription and over-the-counter medicines to patients, as well as advise them on treatments and answer general health questions.

nurse uniform illustrations physiotherapistPhysiotherapist

Uniform colours:

  • White uniform with navy piping

Physiotherapists focus on helping patients regain movement and muscle function following an injury, illness, or disability. Part of the role involves helping to reduce the risk of suffering injury in the future.

nurse uniform illustrations pharmacy supportPharmacy Support

Uniform colours:

  • Green polo shirt

Working under the supervision of a Pharmacist, a person working as Pharmacy Support will dispense and supply medicines, as well as deliver pharmacy services and provide information as required.

nurse uniform illustrations occupational therapistOccupational Therapist

Uniform colours:

  • White uniform with green detail

The main purpose of an Occupational Therapist is to help patients live their day-to-day lives as independently as possible. They regularly assess and treat various patients.

nurse uniform illustrations phlebotomyPhlebotomy

Uniform colours:

  • White with burgundy piping

Phlebotomists are responsible for taking blood from patients and sending the samples off for testing and analysis. They also need to maintain records and make sure relevant data is entered digitally.

Do You Want to Start a Career in Healthcare?

Now that you’re clued up on NHS Nurse uniform colour codes, as well as other healthcare professions, you can start thinking about your own career progression. Nursing is a crucial component in the NHS, and there are many reasons to become a Nurse. If this is the path for you, then it’s important to know the qualifications you need to become a Registered Nurse.

A degree approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council is essential if you want to be qualified in this profession. To help you get to university, we here at learndirect provide an online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Nursing) that is the equivalent of A Levels, so if you don’t already have those Level 3 qualifications, then our Access to HE Diploma (Nursing) will help you get on to a nursing degree. To find out more information, give our team a call, speak to us on live chat, or contact us online.

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