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Companies who develop their employees’ skills can better drive growth and cope with change. Investing in professional development programmes can help you motivate, engage and retain employees and build skills and experience which are fit for the future.

Developing your staff makes perfect business sense: you can increase profits through the right leadership, allow for succession planning by nurturing new talent from the outset, and motivate your staff by encouraging personal development. Engaged employees work with passion and drive to move the business forward.

develop_childcareThe escalating talent shortage has led to a ‘talent war’ amongst organisations, large and small, across all sectors. Nurturing your existing employees and equipping them with the necessary skills will, in the long-term, overcome this challenge. This is supported by our Nurturing Talent survey in which 44% of employers agreed they’d saved money by growing their own talent .

We’ve helped thousands of companies to grow their talent by offering complete and continuous career development though a range of qualifications including:

  • advanced/higher Apprenticeships – vocational qualification with a clear route of progression.
  • business, leadership and management courses for managers to develop wider skills in areas such as recruiting the right staff and line management.
  • professional qualifications (including enabling you to meet compliance needs, such as health and safety and helping staff complete their license to practise and continuous professional development)

With our experience in implementing training programmes, we’ll work with you to deliver a workforce development strategy that is fit for your business.

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