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Where Will This Year Take You?

1st January 24

It’s a brand-new year, and with that comes a fresh start and new opportunities… but where will this year take you?

We’ve mapped out just some of our many course journeys, so you can see where you’d be in a year’s time if you enrol with us this January!

Where Online Courses Can Take You In A Year

With online learning being so flexible, it’s possible to complete many of our courses within a year. This can get you on the fast track to qualifying you for the job you’ve always wanted or the next step you need to take in your journey towards it.

If you study with us, in a year’s time you could be:

Applying To University  

Our Access to Higher Education Diplomas are typically completed within 9 months! Compared to the two-year duration of traditional A-Levels, our Access to Higher Education Diplomas can be completed in just one year, allowing you to get started on your chosen degree programme sooner. This not only saves you valuable time, it can also reduce your overall education costs.

If you’re aiming to apply to university this year, there are so many other benefits to choosing our Access to Higher Education Diplomas as your route into a degree. Unlike A-Levels which cover a broader range of subjects, our Access to Higher Education Diplomas allow you to specialise in a specific area of interest like veterinary science, criminology, art and design, or nursing. This gives you a strong foundation for your degree studies.

They also focus on developing the essential academic skills you’ll need for degree-level study, perfect if you’ve been out of education for some time! Our Access to Higher Education Diplomas extensively train you in critical thinking, research, analysis, and academic writing, which are vital for success at university. These skills are equally valuable in various other aspects of life.

You also don’t have to worry about being pigeonholed in terms of the subject you study now and in your degree. An Access to Higher Education Diploma will open doors to a diverse range of undergraduate degrees, depending on your chosen subject. For example, our Veterinary Science Access to Higher Education Diploma can lead to a degree in veterinary medicine, animal science, or related biology degrees.

Explore our Access to Higher Education Diplomas on our website.

apply to university within a year through learndirect

Working As A Dental Nurse

Our online NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing can get you qualified in 1 year! For this reason, it’s a fantastic way to quickly and effectively launch a rewarding career as a dental nurse in the UK.

Unlike traditional university degrees, this diploma programme can be completed in as little as 12 months, allowing you to enter the workforce and start earning sooner. This is music to the ears of anyone looking to jump at the high demand that exists for dental nurses. According to a recent report by the NHS Workforce Data Lab, there is a vacancy rate of approximately 10% for these professionals, indicating excellent job opportunities.

This high demand for dental nurses coupled with low unemployment rates in the field translates to excellent job security, which will provide you with stability and peace of mind when you transition into this career.

The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing is recognised by the General Dental Council (GDC), the regulatory body for dental professionals in the UK. So, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll be receiving the necessary training and skills to practice safely and effectively when you qualify this year.

If you want to get on the fast track to a rewarding, in-demand, and well-paid career in the UK healthcare sector, check out this online dental diploma on our website.

get qualified as a dental nurse within a year through learndirect

Teaching English Overseas 

The average completion timeframe of our TEFL Level 5 Advanced Diploma is 12-20 weeks! Having the ability to complete an advanced TEFL qualification in such a rapid timeframe can be a game-changer for launching your career as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) teacher.

Why? Because it will get you on the fast track to global job opportunities! This is perfect for anyone whose New Year’s resolution is to start working abroad this year.

Depending on location and experience, TEFL teachers can earn attractive salaries. In Europe, experienced teachers can earn upwards of £30,000 per year, while Asia and the Middle East offer even higher possibilities. With this Level 5 diploma, you can choose from working in language schools, private institutes, online platforms, or corporate settings, catering to diverse student needs and age groups.

This Level 5 qualification covers all aspects of TEFL methodology, language skills development, classroom management, and lesson planning, preparing you for real-world teaching scenarios. It’s also accredited by Ofqual, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards and is recognised by employers worldwide.

Fancy a new life overseas this year? Our TEFL Level 5 Advanced Diploma is the ticket you need!

become a TEFL teacher this year through learndirect

Starting Year 3 Of Your Degree 

Our online degrees (equivalent to Years 1 and 2) can be completed within 12 months! Compared to traditional, full-time bachelor's degrees, online degrees at learndirect can help you shave a year off the time it takes you to graduate.

With university tuition fees currently costing an average of £9,250 per year, our online degrees also significantly reduce your overall education expenses as they are a fraction of the cost of the traditional route.

By choosing to complete the first two years of your degree with us, you’ll not only get a head start towards the final year of your degree, you’ll save money and be able to earn while you learn. The accelerated timeframe, subject variety, and flexible learning options make our courses a popular choice for individuals looking for a faster way into various rewarding professions in the UK.

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly and convenient way to get your degree, and you want to make significant progress this year, check these online alternatives out on our website.

get a degree online through learndirect

Achieve Your Learning Goals This Year

Whether you're looking to jumpstart your career, level up your qualifications, or simply chase a lifelong dream, pursuing an online course with learndirect could be the smartest move you make this year.

Forget the traditional, years-long grind. By choosing online learning, you can ditch the rigid schedules and progress through your course as quickly as you have time for. Our online courses can equip you with job-ready skills or accredited qualifications in a fraction of the time. Imagine graduating as a dental nurse in just 12 months, qualifying as a TEFL teacher in under 20 weeks, or starting your bachelor's degree a year ahead – the possibilities are endless!

You can trust us to get you on the fast track to your ideal future… just take that first step with us! Make your dreams a reality this year by enrolling on your course today.

Change your career or journey this year with confidence through learndirect

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