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Top Tips For Trainee Dental Nurses

1st June 23

As trainee Dental Nurses, we know there is a lot to learn. Luckily at learndirect, we have helped hundreds of students like you on their journey to their dream careers. We know it can feel challenging and overwhelming at times, but anything worth having requires a little effort.

To make the journey a bit easier we asked some of our past students to give their top tips to trainee Dental Nurses.

Tip 1 - Hit the books from day one

dental nurses in classroom studying

Studying Levison's from day one it will really help you. If English is your second language translate all unknown phrases and medical terms beforehand. Try and make sure you put some time aside daily – even five minutes a day will broaden your understanding.

Tip 2 - Question everything!

Do not be ever afraid to ask questions - Tutors, friends, colleagues, and Dentists are there to help you. Remember every single Dental Nurse in the practice started as a trainee. They understand the challenges you are facing, and they want you to succeed. There are no stupid questions, and your colleagues and Tutors will be pleased that you are interested and willing to learn more.

Tip 3 - Be organised

As a Dental Nurse, you have to have organisational superpowers! When you arrive at the clinic in the morning organise your time and workspace. You might have to write notes initially, but it will quickly become a part of your everyday routine. Make sure everything is stocked up for the day, and all the documents are ready, such as medical history for patients coming for treatments etc. Planning for the day ahead will save you time, help you avoid mistakes and help you get your work done accurately.

Tip 4  - Take notes

When you start working as a trainee always carry a little notebook in your pocket, especially at the beginning. There is a lot to take in from dental procedures to admin duties, it will be your backup. Also use your phone to take pictures, trust me from now on all your snaps will be teeth related!

Tip 5 - Stay motivated!

dental equipment organised ready for patient

Think about where you were a few days or weeks ago and where you are now. There is a lot of knowledge and skills to learn and soon you will start "living and breathing teeth." It is all achievable and it will be so immensely rewarding when you qualify.

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