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Boost your wellbeing and career prospects at the same time with a major perk offered only to learndirect students! CLUB FIVE is the exclusive wellness and health partner of learndirect, providing a revolutionary fitness programme that is packed full of daily workouts. Whether you want to sweat it out with a HIIT workout or relax with a mindful Yoga session, the programme has various options designed to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Every single student who enrols on a learndirect course will have access to everything CLUB FIVE has to offer. Not only can you select from various workouts, but you will also be given recipes, nutritional advice, and challenges. What’s even better is that when you sign up, you will get the first month FREE and enjoy heavily discounted rates thereafter. This exclusive partnership offers you the perfect blend of academic and personal growth.

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CLUB FIVE delivers optimal health through a functional LIVE fitness programme. The method embodies the five elements of sustainable health to maximise your potential and performance. This isn’t just another fitness plan designed to ‘burn fat’ and ‘detox’. We help you hit the RESET button and create long term changes.

Goodbye quick fixes, say hello to a long-term lifestyle change.

Your Ultimate Live Fitness Programme

Your workout game just stepped up. Join me, Talilla Henchoz, to build a BODY FOR LIFE.

Club Five is a monthly programme offering a variety of REAL TIME workouts; HIIT, strength, boxing pilates, yoga and so much more. Working with me and my team, we will provide you with structure, progression and motivation for your training at home or in the gym. We don’t just focus on your physical results, but will also help you to develop a stronger mindset. Self-Accountability, part of what you will learn with me, will ensure your results are long-term.

Expect daily LIVE workouts, nutritional advice and videos, recipes, challenges and a community to support every squat along the way. Whatever your goals are; fat loss, muscle gain, training for a challenge or to just feel AMAZING, we’ve got you.

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