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A Levels Let’s Get You Into University

Prove Your Knowledge & Progress To University

While not the only route to university, A Levels are the traditional path that most of us will have come across as we progressed through our schooling.

As regulated and nationally recognised qualifications, A Levels demonstrate your knowledge in a particular subject area and as such have become standard pre-requisites for university entry requirements. Accepted by all UK universities, attaining the required grades in your A Levels is the only way you can get into some of the more competitive universities and undergraduate degree programmes.

Do A Level Grades Matter?

Yes and no – it really depends on your personal circumstances.

If you have an unconditional offer from a university, then simply completing the A Level course and achieving C grade or above is enough to enter higher education. If your offer is conditional on you achieving certain grades, then yes, your grades definitely do matter.

What Support Will I Get?

All of our online A Level courses are provided with tutor support. This includes feedback on all assessments completed and 1 to 1 messaging through our world-class learning platform. Our goal as an educational provider is to ensure that our students are successful in their studies!

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