Improve your customers’ shopping experience with our range of courses and qualifications for the retail sector

We know that delivering a quality service that always aims to exceed customers’ expectations is at the core of retail. Our range of Apprenticeships and qualifications can help your staff to provide the best advice and customer service, boosting sales and giving you the competitive edge.

Our retail Apprenticeship standards:

  • Retailer Apprenticeship
  • Retail Team Leader Apprenticeship
  • Retail Manager Apprenticeship

In Scotland, we offer the following frameworks:

  • Retail Sales Professional Modern Apprenticeship
  • Retail Skills Professional Modern Apprenticeship
  • Retail Management Modern Apprenticeship

Modules cover subjects like customer service, processing transactions, working with stock, team working, staffing issues, and merchandising.

Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge

This course involves flexible study via our Virtual Learning Environment.

It’s designed to further develop the knowledge and understanding of those who are either already working in retail, or are new to the sector.

From stock management to store operations, this qualification will help staff demonstrate the unique requirements of a supervisory role in this competitive industry.

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What our customers say

Sainsbury’s Qualifications Manager, Sarah Jukes explains how Apprenticeships have enabled the business to retain talent and build managers of the future:

“Working with learndirect has been a really positive experience. They really understand the business which means they can offer the correct solutions and the correct sort of support.”

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Complementary courses and qualifications

Retail WorldIn addition to our retail courses, we offer a range of other qualifications to meet your wider business training needs such as business administration, customer service, team leading and management.

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Reduced recruitment costs

Retail employers report that 72% of their vacancies are hard-to-fill because they can’t find applicants with the right skills*. We can free up the time you spend recruiting new staff by searching for, screening and selecting suitable candidates on your behalf – whether it’s through our pre-employment training (such as health and safety, maths and English, or soft skills like communication or team-working), Traineeships or Apprenticeships.

We can also help you to recruit new apprentices, advertise your vacancies and support you both throughout the Apprenticeship. Find out more >

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*Great demand for customer service skills in retail, People1st, 2014