Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Our work on developing resources and embedding the Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (PDBW) themes is going well and we’re beginning to see some great results from both suppliers and Direct Delivery.

The Personal Skills Assessment is now in more regular use which means we’ll shortly be able to produce results on how far our learner’s progress against the measures; and there are great best practice examples on how the materials we’ve created are being used in sessions.

We’re particularly impressed with a supplier using the healthy recipes we provided as the basis for an IT session, where learners research the costs of the ingredients from their preferred online supermarket and used Excel to calculate the costs.

However, the understanding of how and why personal development, behaviour and welfare is linked to employment and career progression is still inconsistent, amongst both learners and staff. If staff aren’t as confident about this area as they could be, then please ensure they have read the factsheets around the different themes. These should help explain how PDBW is linked to employment and help staff to embed the themes across delivery.

If you haven’t seen them already, please check out our videos to support the discussion of Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare themes during induction. These can be used at other times as well if you wish, but were created to set the scene and ensure the learners have a good understanding from day one that their learning will be covering a variety of topics as well as the key qualification.

  • Achieving Your Potential – which sets the scene for looking at holistic personal development as well as qualification achievement;
  •  Respect – which covers Equality, Diversity, and Values for Life;
  • Keeping Yourself Safe In Society – which covers all aspects of Safeguarding;
  • A Changing Society – What Does It Mean For You? (which goes into a some detail about the Prevent strategy and why it is important in the context of learning