Merlin Assessment

We are now preparing for our upcoming Merlin assessment which will take place between Monday 20 June and Thursday 23 June 2016.  This will involve Merlin Assessors visiting our business along with that of our supply chain partners.

The assessors will:

  • Interview key learndirect staff;
  • Interview supply chain partners delivering across a range of contracts;
  • Attend some supply chain forum meetings; and
  • Provide feedback

The bulk of the assessor’s time will be spent talking to our supply chain partners in order to gain an understanding of how we are currently working to the Merlin Standard.

What is the Merlin Standard?

The Merlin Standard has been designed to support organisations to develop, recognise and promote sustainable excellence and positive partnership working within supply chains.

Although it is a DWP requirement that we maintain the Merlin Standard the remit of the assessment is much broader than DWP contracts and is not ring-fenced to any contract type, area, programme or another parameter.  Therefore, the Merlin assessors will be looking at how we work with all our supply chain partners

The Merlin Standard is based on four key principles which are:

  • Supply Chain Design
  • Commitment
  • Conduct; and
  • Review

These are the areas that the Merlin assessors will be exploring when speaking to both our staff and those of your organisation in order to make a judgment about each.

Next Steps

We will be issuing a number of communications over the coming weeks to ensure that you are well informed and prepared.  The Merlin Assessors will be identifying which of our supply chain partners they would like to interview and we will let you know if you’ve been selected very soon.

Any Questions

If you have any questions about the upcoming assessment please contact or

For more information about the Merlin Standard, please visit their website,