CTP fundraiser

CTP helped run a ladies pamper evening at the Icon Hotel to raise funds for the Luton Food bank. They also provided information and guidance on the opportunities available to improve skills and knowledge through learning and courses. It was a very well attended evening which helped CTP raise awareness about the work they do and help a much needed cause.

Launched in April 2013, the Luton food bank charity provides emergency food supplies to local people in crises and in poverty. It consists of local organisations and volunteers striving to ensure that no-one in the town goes hungry.

The reduction in government welfare benefits and crises loans have impacted low-income households. Research shows that 1 in 8 of Luton’s children go without one hot meal a day. Many local families choose between heating homes or feeding themselves, and 1 in 5 mothers cut back on their own meals to feed their children.

Poverty and unemployment has increased over the past ten years in Luton. Biscot, Dallow, Northwell, High Town and Farley are in the top 10% most deprived wards in the country. Local households have lower than average incomes placing Luton 63 out of 326 localities.

The Luton food bank offers emergency food aid to people with nowhere left to turn. They provide respite by supplying a nutritional non-perishable food parcel with enough food for three days, thus allowing time for people to deal with the cause of their food crisis whilst offering help to resolve problems.

CTP have been very supportive of Luton food bank, collecting food and working together to make everyone is aware of the services that can be accessed.