Your Say – Mandy Connors – Tutor at Local Learning Easton

mandyMandy Connors is a tutor at Local Learning Easton, she’s worked for them since 2007 and for the first of our ‘Your Say’ articles she tells us more about her job.

What does your job involve typically day to day

Most of my day is taken up with delivering workshops. Throughout the month I organise and deliver classes to students on employability, warehousing and storage and customer service courses. My daily duties include conducting initial assessment/diagnostics with learners.

I’m also involved in marking and giving feedback to learners on a one to one basis. I discuss the units with learners and I also make them aware of what they can expect from the workshop and the type of activities they will do, so they are a bit more prepared when their classes start. This is really important as most of the learners that we deal with have been out of the learning environment for a long time, and as adults it can be quite a challenge to adapt and to manage the other responsibilities they have. I try to make it as easy as possible for them.

I also help learners access their online learning material, prepare learner audit paperwork and collate learner work for the internal verification process. I get support from my manager and colleagues as and when I need it and I ensure my learners go on to achieve other qualifications, if appropriate.

What do you enjoy the most about the role?

I enjoy helping people and supporting learners to get the most of what we offer and this is probably reflected in the length of time that I’ve been working as a tutor with Local Learning.

There is sense of job satisfaction when you tell your learners that they have achieved a qualification and that they will receive a certificate, in lots of cases it will be their first recognised qualification.

You can notice the increased confidence and changes in motivation of individuals as they progress from one course to another over time. Most of the learners that we engage with are from deprived areas of the city and have had to overcome lots of barriers to take the first step to learning.

As we’re in the heart of the community, often some of our learners just use us as a drop in centre for learning or stop for a quick chat as they walk past. Being there in the centre and making yourself available for learners gives you a sense of purpose in what you do on a daily basis.

What are the challenges?

Time is a big challenge for me, arranging the classes around the learners so that attendance can be maximised. Arranging additional one to one support for learners outside the workshops is always a challenge, as many of my learners require additional support.

What do you like to do outside of the day job?

Watching crimes programmes, spending time with family, grandson and friends, playing skittles with friends and enjoying quiet times at home reading.