PACE Award winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our quarterly Supply Chain PACE Awards:
The winners are as follows:


The CMT Team in Taunton namely Becky Whiting, Gemma Denman and Sophie Netley.   The Taunton team were nominated by their Director Janet Wills for demonstrating the Passionate value.   The team has not only been recognised by Janet but also recently received written praise from learners for their great team spirit, empathy with learners and sense of fun.

Becky said ‘We pride ourselves in helping people to learn new skills and gain qualifications to help them in their quest for employment or to help them to develop themselves in their current job role. We enjoy being able to help people overcome their barriers and to help them to build their confidence which helps them with their self-esteem and motivation to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. The most rewarding part of our jobs is hearing from our learners about how much their experience with us has helped them in different ways’.


Sarah from Alliance Learning was nominated by Louise Oakes, her Team Leader for demonstrating the Empowering value. Her nomination gave examples of Sarah’s supportive approach with learners and “her reassuring tones and inspiring comments leave learners filled with pride in their work and a thorough understanding of how they can achieve their goals”.

Sarah explains why she feels proud about the work she does. ‘The Leigh area used to be a vibrant business area full of factories. But a number of years ago these factories closed and now the area has high unemployment. Many people who come to the centre are slightly older and have no qualifications and in many cases have done the one job with the one company since leaving school.

Now these companies are closed and these people are unsure what they want to do and often feel like they are unable to do anything else. I feel that as a company learndirect help these people to retrain and build their confidence to look at different jobs and to see that there are lots of opportunities out there available to them. I enjoy helping people to make the most out of their skills and by demonstrating their vast knowledge and experience in their CV’.


Gerry Bown from Stone Maiden was nominated by his Director, Lin Manners, for showing the Agile Value. Lin provided examples of Gerry’s hard work and said ‘Gerry has played a huge role in making our centre such a success.’

Upon receiving the award Gerry said ‘I have been delivering learndirect courses for the past eight years. In my role I oversee the day to day running of the Weymouth centre and have watched it go from strength to strength. Alongside my colleagues, we have close working links with local organisations and the JobCentre. We have also made the centre have more of a community feel as a lot of learners enjoy the social aspect of learning. This has encouraged learners to discuss and go onto further learning with us.

I support maths, English and IT learners, from entry level up to level two. I also deliver one to one sessions to support those learners that need a little more support and guidance to get them to where they need to be. The centre has also worked with a number of employers to help give our learners the chance to get back to work. To get the news from a learner that they have been accepted into a job gives me great satisfaction and shows what a difference we can all make to someone’s life.

Over the years I have seen many people with low confidence, bad experiences from school or other barriers to learning attend the centre and go on to realise their potential and find their attitude to learning change. This is what makes my job so rewarding and satisfying and one that I endeavour to offer my best in.’