Award winning and innovative waste disposal

Pictured: Sarah Qazi (learndirect Supply Chain Manager) and Jerry Woolner (Director of Best Training (Lincs) Ltd)


At the recent North Adult Skills Supply Chain Event, Best Training (Lincs) Ltd were presented with an award in recognition for their innovative approach to waste disposal.

The team have successfully managed to implement a sustainability project to reduce the environmental impact of paper waste created from their three learning centres in Lincolnshire. The initiative has also helped the team to reduce waste removal costs.

Paper waste is shredded in the normal way, but instead of sending it to landfill they soak the paper in water and press it using a briquette maker to produce small fire bricks. These bricks can then be used in BBQs, log burners, etc. The team sell the briquettes at a very low cost and money from the sale of the bricks is then utilised by the team to buy fruit for their learners to enjoy during their breaks from learning; thus also promoting healthy eating to individuals accessing their services.

The next stage in the project is to distribute shredded paper to a number of local animal charities for use as bedding for dogs and other small animals.

Jerry Woolner, Director of Best Training (Lincs), said “…as a business, we’ve always tried to take a green approach to what we do. Waste paper is still an unavoidable by-product of mass learning and training, so we keep looking for the most effective and environmentally positive ways to recycle it. What’s more, because the briquette making is powered by human effort — not electricity — we burn off a few calories of our own in the process!