English courses

Improve your English skills with our nationally recognised qualification

englishGain the essential skills you need to make communicating easier at work. We offer qualifications at entry level 3, level 1 and level 2.

You can do different sized qualifications at each level, depending on your learning needs. We’re here to advise which qualification is best for you before you start – and make sure you don’t cover what you already know.

We’ll put together the right courses from each area to suit your needs and the type of qualification you want to gain. Your English qualification could be made up of courses in reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary or speaking and listening.


If you find reading hard everyday tasks can be a real challenge, like reading a story to your toddler or following written instructions at work.


Do you find writing tricky? Everyday tasks like writing notes can be tough if your writing skills aren’t up to scratch.

Grammar and punctuation

Incorrect punctuation not only looks unprofessional, it can actually change the meaning of what you write. These courses will give you the grammar and punctuation skills you need to get your message across clearly.


Whether you’re applying for a job or selling things online, spelling things correctly will help you to look professional.


It can be hard to get your point across if you can’t find the right words. Increasing your vocabulary with more words means you won’t be tongue-tied when describing things! If you want to express yourself better, we can help you.

Speaking and listening

If you want to improve your communication skills and spot key information, then these courses can improve your everyday speaking and listening skills.

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