Decoding one million jobless youths

economist landing page 3 Steve Morris

“At learndirect we’ve worked with more than 75,000 businesses: they regularly tell us about the skills they need from their employees, especially the young people joining their organisations. Key for them are the core subjects like maths, English and IT but they’re also looking for softer skills like team building and communication. Whilst vocational qualifications like Apprenticeships can improve all these skills, they are often seen as second best to more traditional routes like university.

“The latest article with the Economist Intelligence Unit takes a look at some of the possible reasons behind the high levels of youth unemployment in the UK. It looks at whether the school system needs to prepare young people better for those industries with vacancies as well as how to improve the perceptions of vocational qualifications such as Apprenticeships. Have a look and tell us what you think.”

 Steve Morris, Business Development Director, learndirect

Read the article here.