Our ITQ is a flexible qualification that can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you want to improve your IT skills or become better at using popular software packages, you'll get face-to-face training at one of our centres and a choice modules based on your job, experience and whether you are taking it as a level 1 or 2 qualification.

  • Depending on the qualification you're working towards, your job role and experience, we'll work with you to put the right set of courses together. These could include:

    • Electronic communication -learning how to communicate by email and use the internet to find the information you want.
    • IT user fundamentals - how to maintain the hardware, software and files that your computer uses.
    • IT security for users - understanding the security threats facing computers so you can protect your data and stay safe.
    • Improving productivity using IT - choosing the right tools to save you time and effort on word processing, presentations and spreadsheets.
    • Presentation software - how to produce high quality presentations in PowerPoint using graphs and charts.
    • Spreadsheet software - using Excel to organise, summarise and present information.
    • Word processing software - creating documents in Word, editing and formatting work and using graphs, tables and pictures for a professional finish.
    • Database software - build and maintain a database, find sort and filter records in your data.
    • Desktop publishing software - create a wide range of eye-catching professional visual documents like posters, brochures, wall charts, newsletters and leaflets.
    • Optimise IT system performance - how to troubleshoot problems and carry out simple maintenance on your computer.
  • When you've finished all your courses you'll be assessed by completing assignments or tests. Your centre will give you more information about this before you start.