Digital Skills award

This qualification is for beginners and will guide you through the basics of using a computer and the internet. It’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to use them at home or at work.

Digital Skills award
  • Suitable for beginners of all ages, this online course will show you how to start a computer, organise files and print documents. It’ll also introduce you to the internet and show you how to search for information, communicate online using email and make purchases.

    At the end of each module, you can test your understanding of the computer and the internet with fun tests.

    There are two qualifications available: Digital Skills award and Digital Skills. Digital Skills is more in depth and shows you how to share photos, download music and use social networking sites.

  • You’ll be assessed online through a mixture of multiple choice questions, suited to your level of learning.
    • Thanks to government funding your courses and qualification could be free. We'll confirm this with you before you start.
    • You can complete your qualification in a learndirect centre with face-to-face support from our centre staff. You can even carry on your learning wherever you have internet access.
    • Your tutor will be there to give you advice, and you'll have regular progress reviews to keep you on track.
  • This qualification is made up of four units – two mandatory and two optional. The two mandatory units are:

    • Computer basics: understand the desktop and how to create and print documents.
    • Online basics: get online, search online, make purchases, and send and receive emails.
    • The five optional units are:

    • Social networking: understand personal profiles and groups, post messages and photos, and upload videos.
    • Digital photography: take photos, organise photo collections and carry out simple editing.
    • Digital music: manage and organise digital music collections and purchase music online.
    • Digital media: create CDs and DVDs using a computer, upload and share files and collaborate online.
    • Audio and video software: understand how to use a digital video camera, and edit and compile clips using movie editing software.
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