Maths courses

Improve your maths skills with our nationally recognised qualification

mathsWe offer qualifications at entry level 3, level 1 and level 2. You can do different sized qualifications at each level, depending on your learning needs. We’re here to advise which qualification is best for you before you start – and make sure you don’t cover what you already know.

Depending on the level, type and size of qualification you’re working towards, you’ll do a variety of online courses, along with some paper tasks too. We’ll put together the right courses from each area to suit your needs and the type of qualification you want to gain. Your maths qualification could be made up of courses in numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, common measure, using shape and space, or handling data.

Here’s a list of modules covered in the course:

Whole numbers

A lack of everyday maths skills can really hold you back. This area of your maths qualification takes you back to basics by working with whole numbers – a great first step to number confidence.

Fractions, decimals and percentages

Sharing the bill at an office party, dividing work equally between your team, or working out a 20% discount in the sales – all these use parts of numbers like fractions and percentages. We’ll give you confidence to make your numbers add up.

Shape and space

If you work with plans and diagrams, a good understanding of space and shape will make the task easier. Shape skills can help with everything from using space effectively when you’re packing, to stacking shelves or planning a new room layout.

Common measure

We all need to measure things every day, from organising your office space and working with money to keeping track of time or measuring food for a recipe.

Handling data

If you need to read data from bar charts, tables or maps, or get information from a timetable, we can help you develop skills to understand and use data, and create data displays of your own.

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