Health and social care

Looking to grow your care setting? We can help.  Our qualifications are CQC recognised and cover a breadth of topics to help your staff deliver quality care and meet the demands of this growing sector.

What learndirect has done for the Health and Social Care sector

  • We’ve worked with over 1,000 other health and social care providers to provide fully funded on-the-job training and an apprentice recruitment service.
  • We’ve trained more than 3,600 health care professionals
  • Our qualifications are recognised by the Care Quality Commission
  • We can recruit and train new care workers
  • We can also up-skill existing care and administrative staff

Health and social care training courses

We’ve drawn on our vast experience and suite of over 140 qualifications to ensure our training meets the needs of your business and your staff.

Health and Social Care Diploma – Level 2

This qualification is delivered entirely in the workplace, meaning your staff are assessed on the essential skills and knowledge they need to do their job well. On average it will take around six months to complete.

Health and Social Care packages

These packages feature a series of carefully selected modules designed to provide the skills, experience and understanding to deliver high standards of care and support. These courses are delivered online, meaning your employees can fit learning around work and home life.

Short courses

We offer a number of short online courses which provide specific training suitable for a variety of health and social care roles, such as autism awareness and communication skills.

We can also provide a range of business skills training to develop the skills of those working in the care sector that might not be providing personal care, such as managers, team leaders, maintenance staff or activity coordinators. To view a full list of our training courses for the workforce visit our skills support for the workforce pages

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Health and social care Apprenticeships

Our intermediate and advanced Health and Social Care Apprenticeships lead to qualifications recognised by the Care Quality Commission and are tailored around the needs of your business. As part of their programme apprentices will study towards a qualification such as:Care worker with a patient

  • Certificate in Healthcare Support Services – level 2
  • Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care – level 2 and 3
  • Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) – level 2 and 3
  • Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support – level 2 and 3

We’ll tailor the training to the needs of your business and work with you and your apprentices to design programmes that work for both of you.

All our Apprenticeships are available for new and existing employees.

Our range of business skills training to develop the skills of those working in the care sector that might not be providing personal care, such as managers, team leaders, maintenance staff or activity coordinators.

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If you’re an employee and interested in completing an Apprenticeship with your current employer, we can speak to your employer on your behalf about setting you up on a programme. Find out more and register your interest here.

Health and social care Traineeships

Do you want the opportunity to trial a potential apprentice? Traineeships could be what you’re looking for. We’ve got hundreds of eager 16-24 year olds looking to start a career in Health and Social care and Traineeships give these young people valuable work experience, while we provide training on the essential skills they need to start their careers. They are perfect if you want to see if an apprentice is what your business needs, before committing to a full Apprenticeship. Find out more about Traineeships.

Our Apprenticeship and Traineeship service

From start to finish we’ll guide you through your Apprenticeships journey, from explaining how funding works and keeping you up to date with the latest developments on the Apprenticeship levy, to supporting you and your apprentice throughout the duration of their training (which lasts on average 12 months) and equipping your staff with the skills your Health care worker and patientbusiness needs.

Our highly qualified trainers and assessors will work with you to deliver on-the-job training, in your workplace and at times that suit you, minimising the impact on your apprentices day to day responsibilities.

As part of our service, we take the hassle out of recruitment with our dedicated applicant management team can present you with quality candidates quickly. We search for and screen all our candidates and as the UKs leading provider, we get far more applicants than we have vacancies to fill, which means we have a large nationwide talent pool of pre-screened and interview ready candidates for you to choose from.

What our customers say


We’ve been working with Sirona Care and Health for the past three years to bring fresh talent into the business through Apprenticeships as well as developing their existing staff. We’ve provided training programmes in areas including health and social care, IT, business administration and catering.

Karen Gleave, Learning and Development Facilitator at Sirona said “Apprenticeships enable us to offer learning and development opportunities that are tailored to our needs as a company and give staff the satisfaction of having their skills and knowledge recognised and nationally accredited.  Apprenticeships add to the breadth of learning and development opportunities we, as an organisation are able to offer, making us a more attractive employer.”

Read the Sirona Healthcare case study

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