Team Leading Apprenticeship

Team leading is relevant to hundreds of job roles - so its a great foundation to get into any industry - from retail banking to recruitment or healthcare. You could become a team/section leader, floor manager, or trainee supervisor. During your Apprenticeship you'll develop skills that are valuable to employers in any sector.

Team Leading Apprenticeship
Earning potential
  • Our Team Leading Intermediate Apprenticeship usually lasts 12-18 months. It’s made up of theory (knowledge) and practical skills to demonstrate your understanding and competence in the workplace.

    Your daily activities could include:

    • monitoring work and giving feedback
    • briefing teams
    • supporting team members
    • resolving problems
    • project management

    You’ll work at least 30 hours a week. The hours and days you work could depend on your employer. Shift work including evenings and weekends is common in the retail, leisure and contact centre industries.

  • During the intermediate Apprenticeship you'll complete the following qualifications:

    • Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading
    • Functional skills qualification in English, maths and/or IT
    • Personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS)
    • Employee rights and responsibilities

    Your diploma is built from a selection of mandatory and optional units. We'll help you put together the right combination to fit your job role and the way you want to develop your career.

    Mandatory units:

    • Manage personal performance and development
    • Communicate work-related information
    • Lead and manage a team
    • Principles of team leading
    • Understand business

    Optional units:

    You’ll choose five to seven units from the optional section.

    Popular choices include:

    • Contribute to meetings in a business environment
    • Manage team performance
    • Collaborate with other departments in a business environment
    • Resolve customer service problems
    • Deliver a presentation

    This is just a selection - there are further optional units available.

  • There are no formal academic entry requirements but you'll need to have a basic level of English and maths.

    This qualification is designed for people who're currently employed in a team leading role. You'll need to lead a team of at least two colleagues, and already be working in a suitable role.

    This Apprenticeship is available in England only.

  • You’ll be paid at least the current minimum wage rate for apprentices, but it could be more than that. After your Apprenticeship, if you’re employed as a supervisor, your salary could be from £15,000 to £25,000 a year.