Where to look for jobs

There are lots of different ways to look for jobs. Each way has its benefits, but you’ll notice that more and more businesses are using the internet to advertise their jobs and often expect you to apply online.

Here are three ways you can start your job search-

You could use:

  • The internet
  • Local newspapers
  • Registering with recruitment agencies

The internet

There are lots of websites and apps that advertise job vacancies. You can use them to search for a job you already have in mind, or just browse to see if anything catches your eye.

Or, if you’d rather, you could try other websites. Jobcentre Plus has Britain’s largest database of job vacancies, which you can search online. And below we’ve included a quick list of some more websites which advertise job vacancies. We think they’ll help you make a good start to finding the right job for you.

Local newspapers

Local newspapers are a good place to start your job-hunting – find out what day your local paper advertises jobs- they’ll usually do it the same day every week.

Newspapers also keep you up to date on which companies are moving into the area. You can use this information to apply to those companies before they advertise, to see if there are any jobs available.

You should also ask big companies in your area if they have any job vacancies. These companies are used to being asked, and it saves them time and money on advertising the job, if the right person comes to them.

Registering with recruitment agencies

To increase your chances of getting a job, you could join a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies work closely with employers and they’ll match you to a job if you have what an employer is looking for.

Keep in touch with your agency and take any advice about improving your CV.

Talk to them if they’re not finding you work. It might be that there’s not many of the type of jobs you want so you might need to think about other types of work, or registering with another agency.  There’s no limit to how many agencies you can use to help you get a job, so use a few.