Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a troubleshooting checklist to help you redeem your Groupon offer for our courses.

My code doesn’t work:

  • Your Groupon code can only be used once
  • You can only use your Groupon code for the courses specified in the deal
  • Ensure you’re using the correct code – this will be highlighted in your email from Groupon. Don’t get it mixed up with the security code!
  • Use your Groupon code before it expires! Your code is valid for 30 days following your initial purchase from Groupon. We can’t fulfil orders from expired Groupon codes

My shopping cart is empty:

  • If you have selected your course but your shopping cart is empty, please check that cookies are enabled on your PC. This setting can usually be found in the ‘Internet Options’ menu of your Browser. You can then add the course to your basket

Where do I enter my Groupon code?

  • After choosing your course and logging in or registering, you should enter it on the checkout page here:
Image of checkout page

How do I access my course?

  • Follow the steps on to get your course
  • Once you’ve successfully used your Groupon code on our eCourses website, you can log in to your course at any time
  • Go to, and log in with the username and password that you selected on registration
  • Your course can then be accessed on the ‘My Courses’ page, by clicking on the course title.

What happens if I bought the Groupon language offer as a gift for a friend?

You’ll have the option to tell us this by ticking a box when you’re redeeming your course. When you buy a course for a friend by ticking that box, we’ll send you the enrolment key. Give this to the person who’ll be doing the course. They can then register, login and enter their enrolment key to access their course.

What’s an enrolment key?

  • Enrolment keys are special access codes that we generate if you’ve bought the course for someone else
  • You can send it to the person you bought the course for. They’ll just need to register at and enter the enrolment key on the ‘My Courses’ page
  • Please note, you don’t need an enrolment key if you’ve ordered your course for yourself. Ticking the option on the order confirmation screen will mean the course is automatically added to your own account

I’m having problems running my course:

  • Our language courses require a PC with Windows XP or Vista operating system, Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, and 2MB+ broadband connection
  • You’ll also need sound and a speaker on your PC
  • To make sure your course launches correctly, run the Update My PC tool. It takes a few minutes to run Update My PC and then up to 15 minutes to update your computer

Can I access my courses on my smartphone or mobile device like an iPad?

No. Our languages courses won’t load properly on a Mac, smartphone or an iPad. Please access your courses on a PC.

I bought more than one Groupon code:

You’ll have to check out separately for each language, starting from the main redemption page. This is because we can’t process more than one Groupon code at a time.

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