Enterprise priorities

Find out what our priorities are for enterprise delivery

Enterprise-priorities-open-for-businessLots of our customers are either unemployed, in transition from employment, or in some form of welfare-to-work (around 60%). Most fall into the groups below:

  • those furthest from the job market and the long-term unemployed
  • those who are recently, or short-term unemployed, or in transition from an employed position they have held for a long period
  • those who may have come from a background of business and enterprise understanding and may have a fairly good business idea
  • the true entrepreneur
  • the enterprising employee

learndirect_enteprise_men_business_planningWe have researched and obtained feedback from the above customer groups, along with our supply chain and network partners, to identify a number of areas of priority for our enterprise promotion and development to include:


  • test trading options for all Welfare to Work client groups
  • a more flexible pre-start and test trading programme for those furthest from the job market
  • easy access to training for all people to challenge self-employment as a career option, whether they’re unemployed, in transition or employed
  • stand-alone enterprise education in all levels of academic institutions through face to face, virtual, or a combination of both, subject to diagnosed customer need
  • virtual training, education and business support platforms for business development and growth
  • a campaign to highlight the value of identifying, developing and retaining enterprising employees

If you want to know more about our enterprise offer, please email enterprise@learndirect.com. For more information about our New Enterprise Allowance contract click here.