How we can help your business

business meetingOur Account Manager will get to know you, your recruitment needs and your business inside out. Knowing exactly the sort of people you’re looking for, and who will be a good fit for your organisation’s culture, is at the heart of what we do.

Make it easy for you

We appreciate new staff take time to induct, especially if you take on a number of people at once. But we can give you a head start, before new starters even set foot on your premises. This can include everything from checking references to providing initial training on your systems and protocols.

Boost and broaden your skills base

Recruiting the right people is only part of the story. Whether it’s people we have placed with you, or existing staff, we can help you grow the talent and skills your business needs.

Wage incentives for your business

You could receive up to £2,275 when you take on an 18-24 year old through us. The Youth Wage Incentive scheme helps give young people the chance to prove themselves in work. You can receive a one-off incentive payment when you give a young person a job that lasts for 26 weeks or more. Under the scheme you can:

• receive £2,275 for each full time role (30+ hours) and £1,137.50 for each part-time role (16+ hours)

• employ any number of young people • claim your incentive payment in one easy step, with early payments possible for small businesses.

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