Customer Service NVQ/QCF Certificate

This nationally recognised qualification proves you can deliver customer service to a required standard. Available as a level 2 certificate, the training is designed to teach you simply how to make the right impression with customers, get a better understanding of what your customers really want and build confidence in your ability.

Customer Service NVQ/QCF Certificate
  • Training for the Customer Service NVQ/QCF Certificate is based around six key areas, and we'll help you put together the right modules from each area to fit the job you do and the way you want to develop your career:

    • Customer service essentials - understand your organisation's approach to customer service, the importance of your appearance and behaviour and how to respond appropriately to questions and comments.
    • Communicating with customers - how to prepare written communications, listen to your customers and interpret body language.
    • Problem solving - discover how to respond to customer queries and complaints appropriately, deal with difficult and dissatisfied customers and record and analyse data from complaints to identify recurring problems.
    • Relationship building - find out how you can exceed your customers' expectations.
    • Continuing improvement - carrying out a self-assessment and working with others to improve the performance of you and your business.
    • Using information - how to gather, store and process accurate customer service information lawfully and securely.
  • As the Customer Service NVQ/QCF Certificate is a work-based qualification, you'll either need to be employed and sponsored by your employer or be doing voluntary work or a work placement.

    Only selected centres offer this qualification and work experience, so you'll need to see whether it's available in your local area and contact your local centre to find out more.

    If they do offer it, you'll then be enrolled and supported by your tutor, either at your local centre or workplace depending on your circumstances.

  • You'll be assessed on the tasks you do at work and create a portfolio of evidence to show what you've achieved. Your qualification will be awarded once that portfolio has been signed off by your tutor.