Warehousing and logistics

Ensure your staff are at their most productive with our range of courses and qualifications for the warehousing and logistics sector

Whether your business specialises in freight and logistics, transport, engineering, food processing or international shipping, our warehousing and logistics qualifications and courses can help your people perform better.

We’ll help develop your employees’ skills in the principles and processes of distribution, teamwork, and health and safety issues.

Our warehousing and logistics qualifications

  • Certificate in Warehousing and Storage Principles
  • Warehousing  Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Warehousing Advanced Apprenticeship

Modules cover subjects like assembling orders for dispatch, checking stock levels and records, operating equipment and health, safety and security at work.

Complementary courses and qualifications

Warehousing_man_moving_stockIn addition to our warehousing and logistics courses, we offer a range of other qualifications to meet your wider business training needs such as business administration, customer service, team leading and management.

Reduced recruitment costs

We can free up the time you spend recruiting new staff by searching for, screening and selecting suitable candidates on your behalf – whether it’s through our pre-employment training (such as health and safety, maths and English, or soft skills like communication or team-working), Traineeships or Apprenticeships.

We can also help you to recruit new apprentices, advertise your vacancies and support you both throughout the Apprenticeship. Find out more >

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