Learner management system (LMS)

Online training for your business

If you need flexible online training to develop your staff and improve your organisation’s efficiency, we can help.

With hundreds of courses to choose from, including professional qualifications, short skills-based modules and content from a wide range of leading e-learning publishers, we offer a one-stop shop for your business’s online training.

Our courses cover an array of workplace skills including:

  • managing people
  • sales and marketing
  • planning
  • finance
  • personal effectiveness
  • compliance
  • health and safety
  • Microsoft applications
  • web design
  • professional project management

..and lots more!

For immediate access, our courses can be purchased from our online store in any combination or quantity. Alternatively you can request invoice billing. Where you’re buying multiple copies of a course (such as for your staff), you can track progress through our learner management system (LMS).

If you have your own LMS and would like to integrate our courses, please contact us for details and pricing.

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