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Iain Salisbury on the August 2016 levy update

Posted by  Iain Salisbury, Chief Executive, learndirect Apprenticeships,

In August the long awaited release of further information regarding Apprenticeship reforms were eagerly received. Both Employers and providers are working hard to…  read more »

Getting ready for the Levy: The magnificent 7

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Posted by  Steve Morris, Head of Key Accounts, Apprenticeships,

The Apprenticeship Levy...has without a doubt raised more questions than there are currently answers for at this stage... here’s our magnificent 7 points…  read more »

Britain’s Got Talent…

A photograph of Gareth Graham.

Posted by  Gareth Graham, Head of Key Accounts, Apprenticeships,

Is it right that someone moving into Financial Services should be denied the opportunity to up-skill through a ‘levy’ funded Apprenticeship programme because…  read more »

Time to take your Apprenticeship programmes higher

A photograph of Dereth Wood, Group Director of Learning, Policy and Strategy

Posted by  Dereth Wood, Group Director of Learning, Policy and Strategy,

A photograph of a train station.

Apprenticeship programmes can go up to the equivalent of an undergraduate honours degree and mean the next generation of engineers, managers, computer developers…  read more »

Iain Salisbury on the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy

Posted by  Iain Salisbury , Chief Operating Officer for Apprenticeships & Employment Services,

On the scale of change, the latest round of reforms affecting the Apprenticeship sector are significant. Putting design and funding for Apprenticeships in…  read more »