Voucher redemption

If you have a voucher (e.g. from a daily deal site), please visit the appropriate deal page and select the course or course bundle that you purchased. Once you have redeemed your voucher, you will then be able to access the course from your “my courses” page.

Recent deal pages:

Groupon Deals:



My code doesn’t work:

Please select the correct product, as specified in your deal.

Please use your voucher code before it expires! We can’t fulfil expired vouchers.

Please ensure you’re using the correct code – this will be highlighted in your email from the deal site. Don’t get it mixed up with the security code!

You can only use your voucher for the courses specified in the deal, and your code can only be used once.

My shopping cart is empty:

If you have selected your course but your shopping cart is empty, please check that cookies are enabled on your PC. This setting can usually be found in the ‘Internet Options’ menu of your Browser. You can then add the course to your basket.