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When you bought your Groupon deal, you’ll have chosen either a single beginner course, or a bundle of 4 levels.


How to use your voucher
Just add your chosen language or bundle (below) to your basket, and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

If you’re stuck, you can read our guide to the Groupon checkout process or try the frequently asked questions page.

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If you bought a Groupon for a beginner level course, please select your preferred language from the list below, then click ‘add to basket’

If you bought a Groupon for a 4-level bundle, please choose from the list below:

Arabic (4-levels)
Chinese Mandarin (4-levels)
English (4-levels)
French (4-levels)
German (4-levels)
Italian (4-levels)
Japanese (4 levels)
Polish (4-levels)
Spanish (4-levels)
Welsh (4-levels)

Technical requirements

Our language courses require a PC with Windows XP or Vista operating system, Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, and 2MB+ broadband connection.  You’ll also need sound and a speaker on your PC.  Our languages courses will NOT load in smartphones, Macs or mobile devices like iPads.

Having issues accessing your course?
If you’ve been able to redeem your course but can’t access it, please see frequently asked questions page.

Groupon terms and conditions
Please make sure you use your code before it expires. Once you’ve redeemed your course, you’ll have access to your language course for 12 months.

Only one Groupon code can be used per language course.

If you bought multiple Groupon deals, you’ll need to go through the process separately for each one, starting from this page.