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The DTS service

Guiding you through apprenticeships

The DTS service

We’re here to guide your organisation on your apprenticeship journey.

We have a proven track record when it comes to implementing new, or expanding existing apprenticeship programmes for larger employers. Below is an outline of some of the key stages we’ll work through with your organisation.

Kick off days

Kick off days to clarify your training needs, your organisation’s vision and values, and how to maximise your Levy spend

Programme planning

Programme planning and timelines. We’ll work with key stakeholders within your organisation to ensure your programme runs smoothly and is implemented on time. Depending on the size of your organisation’s programme we’ll work with you to create bespoke learning materials.

Marketing support

Marketing support for programme engagement and launch. This could include branded posters and flyers, or support with digital content and email communications.

Programme launch

Programme launch. Whether you’re launching a new programme or expanding your existing one, we think this is something to shout about and we’ll help create positive engagement from the outset.

Learning delivery

Learning delivery. This will be a blended learning model, and will incorporate a mix of digital workbooks accessed online, face to face development days and practical activities.

Learner management and progress

Learner management and progress reviews. To ensure your programme achieves the best possible results, we’ll regularly review performance and tailor our approach to your business challenges.

Recruitment support

Recruitment support. If your organisation needs some fresh talent your apprenticeship programme is the ideal place to start. We can give your recruitment campaigns an extra boost to attract the best possible apprentices.

End point assessment

End point assessment (EPA) planning and apprentice assessment organisation partners. We can make the EPA process as seamless as possible and help your apprentices achieve the results they need.

Request a call back

Request a call back from our Levy Management Team for advice and guidance on your organisation’s Apprenticeship Levy strategy.

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