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With a focus on real work experience and improving skills like maths and English, Traineeships are designed to bridge the skills gap and enable 16-24 year olds in England the chance to meet employers’ requirements.

As part of their programme, the trainee will need to do a work placement within a business. If your business would like to provide a trainee with real work experience, that will not only boost their confidence but develop their skills, then you will benefit from taking on someone who will be willing to work and learn.

Supported by us, we will ensure that they are suitably challenged during their time with your business so they really can add value. There’s no employer contribution required.

Benefits to your business

    • Fulfils your corporate and social responsibility by helping young people within your local community to take that first step into employment.
    • A placement completely tailored to your business.
    • A trainee who’s committed to learning and developing their skills within your business, and adding real value.
    • Develops a capable workforce to sustain your business and sector in the coming months and years.
    • Trainees can seamlessly progress into an Apprenticeship following completion of their Traineeship.

Elements of a Traineeship

Traineeships - how they work

Benefits of Traineeships from learndirect

Our team will work with you throughout the Traineeship, helping you to design and deliver an effective placement, providing you with comprehensive training and support on the products and systems being used, including the delivery of Functional Skills (maths and English) within your workplace.

Seamless progression
Our Traineeship delivery is closely aligned to Apprenticeships opportunities to ensure a clear and seamless progression route, and allowing the individual to be fully supported along the whole journey.

Traineeships we offer

Depending on age and opportunities in your local area, here’s a snapshot of the Traineeships in your area:

    • Business administration
    • Childcare
    • Customer service
    • Health and social care

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