Apprenticeship FAQs

Frequently asked questions on Apprenticeships

Is there help recruiting apprentices?
We can help you to recruit as many apprentices as you want. Just like a recruitment agency, we search for, screen and select suitable apprentices.

dentalAre Apprenticeships available for existing staff?
An apprentice doesn’t have to be someone new – one of your current staff could be an ideal candidate for an Apprenticeship. This is a great way to upskill and nurture the talent already under your roof.

Do I have to employ my apprentice?
In most cases you do. As the employer, you must induct your apprentice into their role and provide on the job training. You are responsible for paying your apprentice’s wages and issuing their Contract of Employment. There are exceptions. Apprenticeship Training Agencies (ATAs) employ apprentices and loan them out for their training.

How long does an Apprenticeship last?
It will last at least a year and up to four years in some occupations requiring high level specialist skills. The expected length of time is that recommended by employers but the time taken will vary by individual and employer.

childcare_1What happens if I can’t complete the apprentice’s on the job training?
Your training to date will be greatly appreciated and we can help find an alternative Apprenticeship with another employer.

What happens if I become so busy that I cannot train someone for a while?
We’ll work with you to re-profile the apprentice’s training programme to reflect your work pressures.

What happens if my apprentice leaves before the end of the Apprenticeship?
We’ll help the apprentice to complete their Apprenticeship elsewhere and find you a replacement.

apprenticesWhat if I can’t find anyone suitable for my Apprenticeship?
We’ll advise on how to attract more people to your Apprenticeship vacancy. If you find someone who you might want to take on but feel they are not quite job ready, then a Traineeship may provide the answer.

A Traineeship is a work placement for 16 – 24 year olds designed to help them develop the workplace skills and experience that businesses need. If you aren’t working with a training provider, the National Apprenticeship Service will be able to assist you.

Is there an upper age limit for the person I recruit or train as an apprentice?
No. This recognises that many people will have to adapt their skills during the course of their working lives and an Apprenticeship will often be the best route to achieving this.

How can I work more closely with schools to attract an apprentice?
Schools generally welcome interest from local employers.There are a variety of approaches you could take, including visiting the school to tell them about your business; having a stand at open days; offering work experience; supporting school projects. This helps the young people appreciate what you do and improves the understanding of the job opportunities that are available now and likely to be available in the future.

Is there a lot of paperwork?
Apprenticeships don’t require much paperwork from the employer, unless you’re delivering the training yourself. We’ll help you with all the relevant documents throughout the time of the programme.

What about part-time apprentices?
Apprentices can be part-time but the time it takes to complete an Apprenticeship is extended proportionately so that the total amount of training time is not reduced.

What happens at the end of the Apprenticeship?
This is a great achievement by you both and should be celebrated. After a year or more of training, most young people are hungry for more and need to continue to develop. They have the potential to go further with your guidance and support.

They can be even more productive for you. Many apprentices go on to complete higher level Apprenticeships as there are many opportunities for progression. We’ll be able to advise on the different options.

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