CAA approves new English proficiency test in the UAE

City & Guilds International English Exam Scores are now accepted for higher education admission in the UAE

As the UAE continues to grow as the higher education hub in the Middle East, the demand for places in colleges and universities has also increased. The UAE Federal Government recently announced the allocation of a staggering Dhs9.8 billion or 21% of its 2014 federal budget to the education sector, Dhs 3.8 of which is dedicated to higher education. In Dubai alone, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority reported a 9.4 per cent increase in enrolled students in higher education institutions since 2013.

These and other developments have impacted the need for more options in English proficiency examination, which is a pre-requisite for undergraduate and graduate admission in the country. Due to the growing demand, difficulties in finding test dates or locations are not unheard of.

City & Guilds, the world’s oldest, largest and leading vocational education organisations, is now offering more options for students who are wishing to take English proficiency tests in the UAE.

City & Guilds’ International English for Speakers of Other Languages (IESOL) exam scores has recently been approved by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as evidence for undergraduate or graduate admission in the country.

Connec ME Education LLC, City & Guilds’ representative for its IESOL examinations, has recently launched its services under learndirect in the UAE. “One of the main features of City & Guilds’ IESOL is that it is an on demand exam. For students, it means there is more flexibility in the scheduling of their test. For educational institutions, it means increased efficiency in the student recruitment and admission process for their organisation,” expounded Mohammad Shadid, CEO of Connec ME. “Students can book their exams on a weekend or a weekday. We administer exams 7 days a week,” added Shadid.

City & Guilds International English exams are internationally recognised, globally by government bodies, higher education institutions, professional associations and language testing organisations.

“We are now accepting City & Guilds English examination bookings in the UAE. Before there were only TOEFL and IELTS. Now there are more options for students and education providers,” said Shadid.