learndirect rated excellent by the Merlin Standard

learndirect is delighted to have been assessed as ‘excellent’ by the Merlin Standard.

The Merlin Standard was designed by the Department for Work and Pensions, along with providers and representative bodies, to support organisations to develop, recognise and promote sustainable excellence and positive partnership working within supply chains.

learndirect was praised for having a motivated and enthusiastic supply chain, working with a varied mix of organisations to meet changing customer needs and having open and honest communication channels.

Iain Salisbury, Group Director for Skills and Employability at learndirect said: “It’s fantastic news to have received this accolade. At learndirect we’re really passionate about providing a high quality experience to our customers and helping them to change their lives for the better. Our supply chain plays a really important part in helping us do that.”

learndirect’s assessment took place from 23 to 26 June 2014 and looked at the supply chain across the business. The assessment team spent 12 days on site reviewing documentary evidence and interviewing organisations involved in the delivery of the following contracts:

  • Work Programme
  • Mandatory Work Activity
  • Community Work Placements
  • Jobcentre Plus Support Contract
  • Programme for the Unemployed
  • Adult Skills SFA Contract
  • SFA Apprenticeship Contract
  • E-assessments

The full report is available to view here

Assessment Outcome

Overall %: 90%

Overall outcome: Excellent

Supply chain design: Excellent

Commitment: Excellent

Conduct: Excellent

Review: Good