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How Can I Become a Full Stack Developer?

11th November 20

https://www.learndirect.com/blog/become-a-full-stack-web-developerA full stack developer has extensive knowledge of software development. They combine the know-how of front-end and back-end development and are highly skilled all-rounders.

This means fully grasping HTML and CSS for design whilst still being efficient with programming browsers, servers and databases. Because of this, they’re able to form an idea into a fully functional product that fits their clients brief.

To become a successful full stack developer requires honing your skills and becoming proficient in all stages of web development. You will provide essential knowledge and expertise at all levels of production.

Despite this, aspiring developers can become fully qualified within a year. No previous knowledge or experience is needed if you have a desire to learn and determination to succeed.

Whatever stage you’re at in life it’s never too late to alter your path and begin an entirely new career.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer

LD | How Can I Become a Full Stack Developer | roles and responsibilities of a full stack developer

The role of a full stack developer depends on where you’re working and what skills your role requires.

Working as a freelancer or as the only developer on the project is most likely that you’ll utilise all your know-how. You’ll liaise with the client from the get-go and develop a website or app that suits the brief.

This requires you to build the entirety of the coding in the back end as well as adhere to the design requirements for the front-end.

Although many full stack developers work within a team. You’ll monitor the work front-end and back-end developers do and assist where needed. You’ll make sure the work produced fits the brief and aligns with the overall business objectives.

Some full stack developers may even complete further training to move into more senior management roles. Or to become a full stack engineer. In doing so you’ll be in a more managerial role and oversee the entirety of the project.  

What Qualifications Do I Need?

A degree is not necessary to become a full stack developer. This is ideal if you’re looking to change careers as there is less downtime between getting qualified and working professionally. With most learners becoming fully qualified within a year.

However, you will still need an in-depth understanding and broad skillset to become a full stack developer. While you don’t need to have any prior professional experience, you’ll need to prove to potential employers that you can do the job.

You’ll need to have a strong grasp of front and back-end development, as well as a portfolio to showcase your abilities.

A comprehensive course such as a diploma in software development could help you gain the knowledge you need. This will also allow you to build a portfolio despite not having professional experience.

Enrolling in a software development online course accredited by the Code Institute is advisable. Their online courses have university credit ratings and an expansive network for employment once you’re qualified.

What You’ll Learn

LD | How Can I Become a Full Stack Developer | what you'll learn

Completing a diploma in full stack software allows you to hone in-demand skills. You’ll gain an understanding in a broad range of software development components such as front-end design, user experience, database and back-end integration. 

You’ll develop extensive knowledge in frontend languages that determine the look and feel of a website. This is important as clients will be looking for developers that can integrate their brand image with the user experience on their site. 

You will also learn web architecture and how to create complex software applications from scratch. This means you’ll gain a solid understanding of how to structure code, categorise files, assemble data and perform various operations. 

The online course material is highly relevant and prepares you for employment in the tech industry. As soon as you complete your course you’ll be at the level required to start working professionally. 

The course will cover:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Practical Python
  • GitHub
  • Data Management
  • Bootstrap4
  • SQL, Heroku
  • MongoDBAtlas

Whether you are a complete novice or skilled coder it doesn’t matter. The course is designed to bring anyone up to pro-level proficiency upon completion. As well as provide a portfolio of your work to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. 

Studying an Online Course from Home

If you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection you’re able to get qualified from home.

Studying from home offers the flexibility that physical colleges lack. You’re able to work towards your qualification without impacting on your other commitments.

You won’t have to rearrange shifts at work or find childcare to attend classes because there are none. Simply log in and begin learning.

What’s more, unlike bricks and mortar institutes, you won’t have to wait for the academic year to begin. The course material is sent out as soon as you enrol, so you can begin right away.

You’re in control of your learning and can set the pace of your studies to whatever suits you best. You won’t have to follow along with a teacher who might be going too slow, or too fast, for your liking.

If you’re finding a module easier then you can blitz through it faster or slow down if you need more time. It’s completely up to you.

Studying from home and setting the pace of your learning allows you to relax and actually enjoy your learning experience. This is because you won’t have to worry about as many confounding variables affecting your learning.

So, you can focus on getting your qualification and starting your exciting new career.


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