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Become a Full Stack Web Developer

20th November 20

With the increasing dependence on technology comes a growing demand for strong computer programming skills. Those who possess them can work in high-level roles in almost any industry. With these skills now becoming essential to business success.

Full stack web developers are proficient in all areas of the web development process. Their computer programming skills are renowned and they can put their hand to almost any digital project.

To wear the hat of ‘full stack’ they must be knowledgeable about most technologies and platforms. Also often having specialisms in certain areas.

In a team environment, they can understand the tools other developers use. Addressing and discussing the two main aspects of web development and bridging the disconnect often commonplace in IT teams.

Individually they can assess and communicate the way a website should look and feel. Manipulating the data and fully understanding the technical limitations of the applications used. They can switch between front and back end operations with ease. Taking control of the entire stack rather than focusing their skillset in one area.

Businesses can now have one employee with an extensive range of skills as opposed to multiple team members with singular specialisms. While full stack developers command quite a high wage, this still provides real value for money for many organisations. These diverse IT specialists also save companies time since they act as a one-stop-shop for all their IT needs.

Full stack web developers are now frequently required to expand and enhance the digital assets of businesses. Making it a wise career path to choose for those who enjoy working with tech. If you’re looking to adopt the skills to match this demand, you’ll need to focus on two areas. Both front end and back end development are essential to this skillset.

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How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer

There are many ways you can gain the knowledge, skills and experience required to become a full stack web developer. This will likely boil down to your preferred method of learning and how fast you pick up the information.

You could study computer science or a related subject at degree level. This would help you gain a solid foundation in the basics of computer programming, logic and theory. While a degree isn’t required to become a full stack developer, it can solidify your understanding and evidence your learning.

Those comfortable with computer programming can brush up on new skills with online tutorials. These are a popular option if you already know what you are doing for the most part. If you otherwise have qualifications or experience to evidence your abilities. But if you’re quite new to programming, this could prove to be a longer route into a career. The lack of support in this method could slow down your learning process.

In that instance, it would be wise to opt for a structured course that provides support should you need it. These tailored courses focus on the skills needed for the job and have tutors on hand for assistance. What’s more, they help you build a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to employers. Helping you to enter the field and hit the ground running when you get there.

If you already work in computer programming, building up a portfolio of wider projects to prove your skills is also advised. This profession relies on more evidence-based skills that qualifications. Showing employers you can do the job extremely well is often all they need.  

learndirect - Become a Full Stack Web Developer

Career Paths in Web Development

Once you have skills and knowledge to work as a full stack web developer, you will typically have two paths to choose from. This mostly comes down to your work style and level of experience. You can either choose to work for a company, under the guidance of a senior team, or be more autonomous and go freelance.  

If you choose to work for a company you will likely work within a team alongside other programmers and designers. With room for progression typically on offer in larger companies once you prove yourself. Salaries are usually quite comfortable and – depending on who you work for - have employee perks alongside.

Working freelance gives you the freedom to select your own clients and projects. You get to influence the jobs you work on as you feel most appropriate. It is a great career opportunity with high earning potential and a flexible way of working. However, it is often better suited to those more established in their market than someone just starting out.

Many senior full stack web developers take their extensive skills and experience into consultancy. Being as experienced as they are, they are approached to oversee many high-level projects. In their position, they can pick the clients they want to work with, rather than taking the job that’s offered. . Consultant developers are often asked to maintain and manage client websites on an ongoing basis. Providing them with a steady income.

No matter the path you choose, your skills as a full stack developer will be very much in demand.

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Gain the Skills to Become a Full Stack Developer

You need a wealth of knowledge and skills to call yourself a full stack web developer. The front end design software, back end algorithms and architecture plus the scripting languages used to communicate with both. Often it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start.

No matter if you’re a beginner or comfortable with code, a structured course can help you take the next step.

By studying the Full Stack Developer: Professional Diploma in Software Development, you’ll learn everything that you need to excel in this career. Upon completion, you will be competent and confident in all aspects of application builds. You can also choose to specialise in your preferred area.

What’s more, this course is studied completely online. You still have a dedicated tutor on hand to help. However, you can study at a time, place and pace that suits.

With most students completing the course within a year, your new career isn’t far away.

learndirect is a leading UK distance learning provider, with many accredited online courses available. Get the skills you need to start your career as a full stack web developer by clicking the link below.

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