MS Outlook 2016: Complete


Are you looking to improve your knowledge of Outlook 2016? This course is ideal if you're a beginner or want to increase your knowledge. It will take you through the full range of functionality, from beginner level to using the advanced features and applications. Learn how to perform tasks at your own pace by following easy step-by-step actions and complete your training in bitesize chunks. Bookmarking allows you to dip in and out, so you can learn whenever suits you, plus you can jump directly to specific topics of interest quickly and easily.

MS Outlook 2016: Complete

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  • With this comprehensive interactive course you will quickly become familiarised with the program interface and learn to send, receive, print and organise messages in it. The course also covers how to work with message attachments, to create an automatic reply and to set rules for automatic processing of received or sent messages. You will send a message with a questionnaire to fill in and become acquainted with a whole range of other tools, which will make your work with e-mails easier, more effective and enjoyable.

  • The course modules are:

    Manage the Outlook environment
    Includes: introduction to Outlook, people view, mail settings, the new interface, view options, customising layout, viewing received messages, setting an e-mail account, signatures, rules, automatic replies, saving and printing, data files, searching, managing contacts.

    Manage messages
    Includes: creating a new message, replying to messages and forwarding them, mail folders, attachments, tracking, delegate access, editing, arranging the message list, subfolders and categories, junk email, viewing messages by conversation, message list features, flagging messages for their follow-up.

    Manage schedules
    Includes: recalling a meeting and adjusting the calendar, sending your calendar, viewing the calendars of your colleagues, sharing the outlook data, editing appointments and events, recurring appointments, sneak peeks, scheduling a meeting, proposing a new meeting time, tasks, notes, managing the journal.

    Manage contacts and groups
    Includes: creating and printing contacts, address book, contact group.

  • A learndirect certificate will be emailed to you when you have successfully completed the course.
Technical Requirements
Technical requirements
25 hours
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Length of access
6 months