Ideas Into Action


This interactive online course shows how constantly stimulating creativity and innovation is key to coming up with viable ideas for products and services, and the processes and procedures that your customers (internal and external) really want.

Ideas Into Action
  • This visually stimulating and highly entertaining course will help you to kick start creativity as a tool for enhancing an organisation’s success.

    Aimed at people of all levels of business, it teaches you about the processes and procedures that you'll need to go through to get to where you want to be. Using a variety of interactive training methods, this course shows you simply how to:

    • Challenge your own assumptions so you become better at problem solving
    • Know how to assess ideas and solutions in a really positive and creative way.

    Once you've completed the course you'll be able to come up with, evaluate and process ideas much more easily.

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    • Engaging video clips.
    • Pre-tests to establish user’s current knowledge level.
    • A variety of question styles to retain interest and build understanding.
    • A final knowledge check to measure the learning.
    • A modular approach for bite-size learning.
    • Progressive scoring.
    • Support tools to help employees apply the learning.
    • High production and learning design standards.
    • Full tracking and reporting capabilities.

    Our latest "Video Arts" courses come with additional features to help learners reflect on, and apply, what they’ve learnt with four approaches in each course:

    • Look: Our award-winning video clips provide the story and theory.
    • Think: Activities and open questions link the course content with the learner’s own personal experience.
    • Practise: Questions to check understanding.
    • Remember: A summary of key points included in each section.
  • A learndirect certificate will be emailed to you when you have successfully completed the course.

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Technical requirements
90 minutes
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30 days