Scottish Modern Apprenticeship in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership

This Level 3 Apprenticeship is designed to help you develop your skills for a supervisory or leadership role within the hospitality industry. Once you’ve completed it you’ll be better placed to apply for senior positions within the sector.

Scottish Modern Apprenticeship in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership
  • A Modern Apprenticeship in hospitality, supervision and leadership will see you develop skills for leading a team and it will enable you to progress to more senior levels in hospitality.

    With this Modern Apprenticeship you’ll also have the chance to gain industry specific accreditations. This can include a food hygiene qualification and Personal Licence Holder certificate, depending on the specific path you follow.

  • Training for the Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship is based around a combination of mandatory and optional modules. You’ll need to complete eight units in total: five mandatory units, at least one from group A and two more from group A or B.


    • Provide leadership for your team
    • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
    • Contribute to the control of resources
    • Maintain the health, hygiene, safety and security of the working environment
    • Lead a team to improve customer service

    Optional Group A: includes units in supervising food production operations and supervising portering and concierge services.

    Optional Group B: includes units in contributing to promoting hospitality services and products and contributing to the development of recipes and menus.

    For more information, please request an information pack.

  • Modern Apprenticeships are work-based qualifications lasting between 9 and 18 months. A Modern Apprenticeship includes:

    • vocational qualification – the practical part which proves understanding of your job role and how to do it effectively. This will be a Scottish Vocational Qualification.
    • core skills – everyday abilities that everyone needs in their work, including communications, ICT, numeracy, working together and problem solving. This will be fitted around what you need for your job.

    To be eligible for a funded Apprenticeship in Scotland, you cannot currently be in full time education.