Jacqueline Egelton

Find out how learndirect helped Jacqueline gain the IT skills she needed to get back into work

Jacqueline Egelton, 58, from Croydon found it daunting to be out of employment after more than nineteen years working for the same company. She felt demoralised and isolated but went to her local Jobcentre who suggested she update her IT skills. She wasn’t sure at first but eventually decided to start an IT course with learndirect.

This was the beginning of a lot of learning and as she continued to enjoy it she completed a number of courses to improve her IT knowledge.

She completed her journey with learndirect on an employability course and with her newly found skills felt confident enough to apply for higher level jobs than she had originally thought she could. Using time on the course to apply for work she attended two interviews and was offered both jobs. She’s now settled in an administration role.

Thanks to her achievements Jacqueline has been nominated for a learndirect Inspiration Award. She’ll find out if she’s been shortlisted in February 2015.

Jacqueline said: “This has been an amazing learning curve for me and without the amazing staff I really do not know where I would be today. It is all thanks to them I had two jobs to choose from as I was accepted for an administration job and a customer service job too. I was in a fortunate position to be able to choose and I’ve now been in the administration job for three weeks. I’m loving it, it’s a very responsible position I thought I wouldn’t get.”

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