Hints and tips

Read our tips on submitting a nomination for the awards

• Keep your nomination clear and concise with simple language and short sentences.

• Read the awards criteria carefully and make sure you are entering your nominee for the right category. Once you submit your award we’ll only be able to judge that nomination against others in the same category.

• Don’t use jargon or acronyms. Remember – the people reading and judging the nominations may not understand terms which could be commonplace in your area of work. If they don’t know what you mean, they are less likely to understand your nominee’s story.

• Focus on specific achievements and outcomes – the more specific and quantifiable your evidence, the more likely your nominee will make the shortlist.

• Remember – the person reading the nomination knows nothing about your nominee. They can only judge based on the information you provide. The more you tell us the better your chances.

• Tell us why this person/business stands out from the crowd. To reach the regional shortlist your nominee will have to stand out amongst hundreds of nominations.

• Get a colleague, friend or family member to read your nomination before you submit it to check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Poorly written nominations detract from the story and mean it is less likely your nominee will reach the shortlist.

• The nomination form outlines all the essential information you should tell us about your nominee. The more of these pieces of information you tick off the more likely your nominee is to reach the shortlist.

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