The Groupon checkout process

 1. Choose your course
Choose your course and add it to your basket.

2. Login or register
Once you’ve added to your basket and pressed continue, you’ll be prompted to register on learndirect’s eCourses website, to set up a username and password. If you’ve already got an account, you’ll be asked to log in.

3. Enter your Groupon code at the checkout
On the checkout page, enter your Groupon voucher code and click UPDATE PRICES. The course will then be discounted to £0.00.

4. Enter your personal details
You’ll be asked to enter your personal details and an invoice address during this process.
Please note that courses are delivered to your account and accessed online, so no courses will be sent to your invoice address in the post.
You can find your Groupon code in the email you received from Groupon (please don’t use your Groupon Security code by mistake!)

5. Review your order
Check your order details.
Select whether the Groupon course is for you or for someone else.

6. Checkout and Confirmation
Your Groupon courses will be discounted to £0.00.
If you added any other courses that aren’t in the Groupon deal, you’ll pay for these now.

7. Accessing your course
If you bought the course for yourself, log in on the eCourses website. Your course is there waiting for you on your ‘My Courses’ page. Just click on it to start learning. You can learn whenever you’re logged in at

If you bought the course as a gift for someone else, you’ll receive an enrolment key (access code) and access instructions to pass on to whoever is doing the course. You can email them the enrolment key code. To access their course, they’ll need to register on the eCourses site and enter the enrolment key code when prompted. Then their courses will be waiting for them on their own ‘My Courses’ page. They can learn whenever they’re logged in at