How can I solve common problems? (Internet Explorer)

Having trouble accessing your learndirect course? Follow the steps below for help with common course problems such as courses running slowly or screen freezing.

1. Update My PC

Check your computer meets the minimum requirements for learndirect courses by using the ‘Update my PC’  tool. This tool will also help you find out if there’s anything you need that will allow your computer to work with learndirect courses and make any recommended changes.

2. Clearing your cache and cookies from your computer and making sure cookies are enabled

All the files you use on your computer are stored in a place called the cache. From time to time it’s a good idea to clear out the files stored in your cache just to free up some space on your computer. This is called clearing the cache. Doing this also helps ensure websites display any new content properly if they’ve been updated.

Internet Explorer

  • In the Internet Explorer menu, click on ‘Tools’
  • Then, from the dropdown menu, click on ‘Delete Browsing History’. This will open up a new window.
Tools menu in internet explorer Cookie settings in internet explorer

Click on the ‘Delete files’, ‘Delete cookies’ and ‘Delete history’ buttons in turn, selecting ‘Yes’ when you get a message asking ‘Are you sure…’, or make sure there is a tick in the boxes for ‘Temporary Internet files’ and ‘Cookies’ and then click on ‘Delete’.

  • Click ‘Close’ to shut the ‘Delete Browsing History’ window and restart your browser for these changes to work.

3. Checking your firewall or anti-virus software isn’t stopping you from accessing your learndirect course

The easiest way to make sure that your firewall is not blocking your access to your learndirect course is to use your firewall control panel to allow data from * and *

In order to make these changes to your firewall software we advise that you refer to the user manual that came with the software, or alternatively visit the firewall producer’s website and access their relevant help pages.