Isaac Jones – Lloyds Banking Group

Isaac shares his story and why an Apprenticeship was perfect for him.

When 21 year old Isaac Jones heard about an Apprenticeship with learndirect at Lloyds Banking Group, he knew he was on the wrong career path and decided to make the change. He’d been working as a butcher in Cambridge but wasn’t enjoying the job. Lloyds Banking Group seemed to offer everything he was looking for.

The transition was a big one but Isaac explains how the learndirect Apprenticeship, which would give him an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Providing Financial Services, eased the way:

“I found the offer of an Apprenticeship very reassuring as it meant they didn’t expect the applicant to know it all already so I thought I might be in with a shot.”

isaac_Jones___square__1492094000_55078__1492094000_80509“I applied for the job online as an assistant relationship manager and was offered an interview. They told me all about the Apprenticeship and I felt pretty comfortable with it as I’m fine with learning new things but the job sounded a bit daunting.”

“As soon as I started I was sent to a training centre for three days and was very impressed by everything Lloyds had to offer. There was a big emphasis on training and developing within Lloyds on a mapped out career path. People tell me Lloyds has one of the best training packages in banking and in my experience that certainly seems to be the case.”

“I completed my Apprenticeship and it works well with my role. The first three months were a bit difficult as I tried to balance a new job with my Apprenticeship but I learnt so much about the business that my role within it makes more sense. ”

“I work with two relationship managers who look after around 200 clients each. I’m a first port of call for clients with general enquiries but to do this I need to know about all of Lloyds products and processes so my Apprenticeship was the perfect way in. I have to do a bit of research to achieve my qualification but that research directly benefits me in my work so it works well. My learndirect assessor came once a month to assess my work and help me with the next stage, most of this is done through discussion so I’m not constantly having to write things up. I can work from my notes.”

“My Apprenticeship has helped me to get a handle on everything and understand other roles. This has whet my appetite to get involved in different parts of the business and I’m open to travel so who knows where I will end up.”

“Banking is a complex industry but my Apprenticeship has helped my learning and my career.”

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