Modern Apprenticeships (Scotland)


How does a Modern Apprenticeship work?

A Modern Apprenticeship is completed on the job, so you get hands-on experience and real money. It’s a great way into lots of careers, including business, finance, management, customer service, hospitality and retail.

How will you learn?

A Modern Apprenticeship is usually made up of three parts, all completed on the job or online – so you won’t be stuck in a classroom – and usually takes between 12 and 24 months to complete.

What’s so great about a Modern Apprenticeship?

  • You’ll be earning the whole time, as well as getting real work experience
  • By doing your qualification in your normal working hours, you won’t have to study in your free time
  • Modern Apprenticeships run all year round – you don’t have to wait for term-time to get started
  • You’ll get access to our online learning portal and lots of resources to help you learn
  • You won’t miss out on the perks of being a student – you’ll be eligible for an NUS Extra card, with all the usual discounts and benefits.

Which Modern Apprenticeships do we offer?

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